Burlesque Portraits at The Museum of Sex

Veronica Varlow-Dangrrr Doll © Leland Bobbé

31 of my Neo-Burlesque portraits will be on exhibit at the The Museum of Sex in New York City opening on March 31, 2001. The show, titled The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived will be up for 3 months. In addition to my portraits the  show will include, illustrations by Luma Rouge, the film Behind the Burly Q by Leslie Zemeckis and personal artifacts from the collection of burlesque performer/showgirl Mara Gaye. It will be a great exhibit so please come.

My Press Release

Texas Road Trip

Ed's Place © Leland Bobbé

Ed’s Place, 7 in a series from a road trip . . . and the burgers weren’t too bad. This joint did not lack personality.