New York City 1970’s

Interview in aPhotoEditor Blog

Black Swan ©Leland Bobbé

aPhotoEditor just ran an interview with me about my early work on their blog.  Questions about how i went about creating this work and what I’m doing currently.

Presentation at Projections 2/19

© Leland Bobbé


On Wednesday evening 2/19 between 6:30 and 9:30 I will be one of 3 photographers presenting work at Projections sponsored by The PhotoCloser. I’ll be showing work from NYC 1970’s, Neo-Burlesque and Half-Drag The event will be held at La Caverna at 122 Rivington Street. I’m going on last. These are fun events and yes there is a bar.

The Deuce and the Bowery. My 70’s NYC photos in Provokr

A story about my NYC 1970’s street photos was recently run in Provokr, an online publication dealing with all aspects of culture. With the release of the HBO show The Deuce, which is centered around Times Square during the early 1970’s, I’ve received many requests about my images. What goes around comes around.

NYC 70’s Street Photography In The Huffington post

5 Lovely Hostesses © Leland Bobbé

The Huffington Post is now running the largest selection from my 1970’s NYC street photography that’s been published yet. Over 40 Images and a short interview is included.


70’s NYC in UK’s Daily Mail

On The Stoop © Leland Bobbé

A selection of my NYC street photography from the mid 1970‘s is running in the Daily Mail online site titled Mail Online. The Daily Mail is the UK’s second largest daily newspaper and has the largest online presence of all UK’s papers. These shots were on Tri-x film often pushed to 800ASA so I could hand hold my 80-200 zoom lens. Yes folks, that’s real film grain. Long live The Ramones . . .