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ProPhotoDaily Top 10 Highlights from 2019

© Leland Bobbé


My project titled Hardhats NYC was selected by ProPhotoDaily as on of their top 10 highlights from 2019.



Award Winner

© Leland Bobbé


My image of Jim from my Hardhat Series was just awarded a silver in the Fabrik Portrait of America Awards. The image will be on exhibit a the Fabric Projects Gallery in Los Angeles  from 11/23-12/14  and published in a Winners book. Shot on 5th Avenue and 30th street in NYC.

Portrait of Montana Fly Fisherman

© Leland Bobbé

I just returned for a fly fishing trip to Montana with old friends. While there I made this portrait. This man has a great face . . . talk about character.

Presentation at Soho Photo Gallery

© Leland Bobbé

I’ll be giving a presentation tonight, May 30th at 6pm at the Soho Photo Gallery  at 15 White Street in Manhattan,

I’ll be discussing my photo projects along with a digital slide presentation.




© Leland Bobbé

One of my Hardat NYC images will be on display at the upcoming annual Aipad Photography Show as part of the ASMP booth with the theme of Americana. In addition i’ll have 4

Harhats NYC Featured in American Photography’s ProPhotoDaily


©Leland Bobbé

American Photography’s ProPhotoDaily featured my Hardhats NYC project in yesterday’s newsletter. it included links to my website and a link to the recent article about the project in CreativeBoom. Making the invisible visible.

Hardhats NYC in Creative Boom

© Leland Bobbé

A selection from my most recent project titled Hardhats NYC has just been published in Creative Boom. The whole collection of images may be found here.  I bet I’m the only photographer who has shot both drag queens  and construction workers.

Portrait at a Summer Fair


© Leland Bobbé

Portrait of Joseph Smith shot at a summer fair in upstate NY. Part of a series I’m currently shooting for Getty Images. I shot a series of these about 5 years ago and my Getty art director asked if I would revisit this project with them in mind. I love this kind of guerrilla approach to shooting portraits. It doesn’t get much more real than this.

Award Winner – International Color Awards

© Leland Bobbé

This portrait of a NYC construction worker was just awarded in the 2018 International Color Awards in the portrait category. This is part of a new project I’ve been working on titled Hardhat. I’ve shot about 40 people so far (including some women). After I shoot another 20 or so i’ll do an edit and put them on my website. This is the first one that has been unleashed upon the world.

New York City Wall Art in Provokr

© Leland Bobbé

Provokr is a cool website  featuring film, music, video, fashion, art, photography and more, They just ran a nice story on my New York City Wall Art series. Go to this link to read about and and view some of the images from my series.