Real People

Hardhats NYC Project

© Leland Bobbé

Another from my street portrait project of people who work in hard hats in NYC

Portrait at a Summer Fair


© Leland Bobbé

Portrait of Joseph Smith shot at a summer fair in upstate NY. Part of a series I’m currently shooting for Getty Images. I shot a series of these about 5 years ago and my Getty art director asked if I would revisit this project with them in mind. I love this kind of guerrilla approach to shooting portraits. It doesn’t get much more real than this.

Winning Image in the 2017 International Color Awards

© Leland Bobbé

This shot was just named as a winner in the 2017 International Color Awards. I shot this on Thanksgiving eve a few years ago. The family was attending the annual blowing up the balloons event before the Thanksgiving Day parade. One of my personal faves.

Diverse New York City Faces


© Leland Bobbé

For the past few months I have been working closely with Sarah Foster, the senior manager of creative content ay Getty Images creating a collection of studio portraits that represents the diversity of people in NYC. We cast close to 50 people and have so far shot 25. From time to time I’ll be posting the images to my blog. I’ve been shooting for Getty for over 20 years and so far this has by far been my favorite project. It’s right in my wheel house. Above is native New Yorker and actor, Spawn.

Through The Window


© Leland Bobbé

© Leland Bobbé

This was through my window on west 28th which is directly across from a cross fit gym. Shot it in color but processed it into black and white, I think adds a nice starkness and brings the viewer directly into the subject’s face. Whenever I get a shot like this I feel lucky because in an instant she could move away from the window and the scene is gone as if it never existed.

On the Streets of NYC With iPhone


© Leland Bobbé

© Leland Bobbé

I came upon this gentleman the other day on 28th st. between Madison and Park. Shot in color and processed using Snapseed my favorite new iPhone photo editing app.


Photography Master’s Cup Awards

All Images © Leland Bobbé

Three of my images were named as finalists in the 6th Annual Photography Master’s Cup Awards in the portrait category.

Portrait – Pinky

Pinky © Leland Bobbé

I met Pinky last summer in upstate NY at a horse shoe throwing competition which he won. When he was finished I grabbed him and put him up against this dark brown wall which I thought really contrasted well with his pink “wardrobe”. This was shot in open shade with a silver reflector and juiced up a bit in Photoshop.

Portrait – Freckles

Freckles © Leland Bobbé

I shot this girl this past summer at an upstate NY summer fair. I love this kid’s face  . . . to me she has a 1930’s Dust Bowl look right out of Kansas or Oklahoma. The background is an old black bus that was sitting along the side of the fair.

Portraits – Upstate NY Summer Fairs

Young Couple © Leland Bobbé

This is one of my portraits from this past summer’s series of people at summer fairs in upstate NY. I especially liked these two and they did a great job of following my direction. I shot in open shade with just a silver reflector . . . with a little help from photoshop I was very pleased with the result.